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Polaris Atlas XT

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Polaris Atlas XT


Polaris ATLAS XT

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The Polaris ATLAS™ suction-side pool cleaner collects fine silt and long, larger debris with unobstructed performance. Engineered with HALO™ technology for advanced debris removal, the ATLAS cleaner was designed to provide clearance for larger leaves that get drawn directly into the filtration system while preventing impediments to allow for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning. The ATLAS cleaner also attacks stubborn, stuck-on debris with concentrated scrubbing action to leave your pool impeccably clean. Combined with multi-directional navigation for enhanced movement patterns and powerful turbines that generate unsurpassed climbing ability, the ATLAS cleaner covers your entire pool — regardless of the pool’s surface — from floor to waterline.

Unprecedented Debris Handling
Advanced HALO™ Technology effortlessly eliminates fine silt and sand as well as larger, long debris with an innovative design that features unobstructed clearance to accommodate the different types of debris – directing it right into the filtration system.

Active Scrubbing
The ATLAS cleaner comes equipped with spinning brushes that agitate and remove fine, stuck-on debris from a pool’s surface and directs particles towards the suction inlet, resulting in a spotless, floor-to-wall clean.

Dynamic Suction Power
Powerful turbines beneath the cleaner generate extreme force providing exceptional climbing capabilities — allowing ATLAS to clean and scrub the floor, walls, and waterline on all pool surfaces.

Multi-Directional Navigation
The ATLAS cleaner comes with programmed navigation that ensures complete pool coverage with efficient patterning that enable it to turn right and/or left to traverse the pool leaving no spot uncleaned.

Durable Tri-Point Tracks
Robust treads minimize wear-and-tear extending the longevity of the ATLAS cleaner’s tracks and providing excellent traction for climbing any pool surface.

No need to run the pump full blast, the ATLAS cleaner features a hydraulic design that functions at lower flow rates.

Designed for Longevity
Regulator Valve automatically controls excess water flow to extend product life and provide optimal performance.

Replaceable Scrubbing Brushes
Scrubbing brushes are easy to remove and replace when worn or dirty.

Simple Hose Connections
Includes 39’ of friction-fit hose.

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