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Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs, Remodeling & Resurfacing

Your pool area should be your place of refuge. This same feeling should be captured for your customers if you’re running a spa or a hotel. Regardless of where your pool is it should always be in its best possible shape. The overall appearance of the pool is very important especially in a more commercial use. We take the time to show our customers their options and help them choose the best look that works for them. Our job is not done until you get that look you were hoping to obtain.

The maintenance of a pool may occasionally require some repair work to be done whether it’s to its appearance or how it functions we can help you. The Pool Palace has had experience with all types of different pools from hotels, resorts, spas and residential pools. Perhaps it’s just minimal damage to the pool’s appearance than we will gladly help you or maybe you want to patch up potential hazards to your guests we can help. Whether it’s broken areas or the overall function of the pool that needs work we can help.

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